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We are now allowing comments from the general public to be posted on our Home Page, with out going through our e-mail account

For all newbies, when you press comment or no comment button, it will direct you to the username and password section. Press the username only and follow the directions.

Even though we prefer everyone to use their real name for comments, we will allow any anonymous name [except the name of anonymous].

Those of you using your real name will be given more latitude of free speech, but those who want to remain anonymous, will be edited for slander and malicious content.

Anyone who wants to make comments on the “The Guest Columnist Page” will still have to submit their comments to





3 responses to “Comments on main page

  1. tomahawker

    I’m so happy that you have changed the rules on posting comments. Looking forward to posting comments on your website.

    Tomahawker from Old Town

  2. sweetbrightness

    I do not know if I am the only resident that is frustrated with ARC garbage removal. It would be nice to hear from other residents regarding this. This last week my husband and I had extra garbage, we had everything neatly set on the sidewalk, in the garbage cans, and on top of the can. Now – to regress just a bit – every single Monday, which is our pick up day, the garbage men, both for garbage and recycling pick up the garbage cans without getting out of their trucks, then leave them right in front of our driveway, they’ve done this to all of our neighbors every single week. When the newsletter from the village specified placing the garbage cans as close to the edge of sidewalk as possible for their convenience, why do they not return in kind? We are their customer, we are making their jobs easier for them, they should, at the very least, place the garbage and recycling bins right where they pick them up.

    So… we have extra garbage on the 3rd of December – we find a sticker stating that we need to purchase stickers for them to pick up the garbage. The irony is a sticker was used to inform that a sticker was needed to pick up garbage that the garbage man wrote out to stick to our garbage, that he then left – the sticker neatly placed on top of garbage when it would have taken, hmmm, 15 seconds to place into the garbage truck. Please tell me, where can I fill out an application for employment with ARC? The sticker? $2.40 a sticker, per week. If you wish to use your old garbage can that you purchased at Ace that was all of what? $10 nine years ago? You need to purchase a $2.40 sticker every single week to use said garbage can. After much frustration I gave in and ordered an additional garbage can and recycle bin, more garbage is inevitable with two children, two dogs, two cats and two adults… we’re told two days and we’ll have them. It’s now Sunday the 9th of December, and no additional cans. I called to find out yesterday – giving them the benefit of the doubt – it’s cold, there’s snow, etc., etc. – drum roll please! There was no order placed.

    I was so happy with Waste Management. Whose idea was it to bring in ARC? I know money (it is always about money) was part of the reason – ARC is a horrible company that is not customer service oriented – perhaps the village could stand up to them and tell them to stick it when the time for contract renewal is in the works. ARC = Arrogant Redundant Cads.

    Please share your ARC stories, if you should have any…

  3. carpentersville2


    You are not the only one that is frustrated with Arc and the sticker cost’s that go along with it.

    I find it amazing that we have to pay $24.00 to dispose of a large white Item such as a washer or dryer which is recylable material and has a value.

    We are suppose to encourage recycling not hinder it. The Idea of adding cost’s to recyclable Items will only in my view add to people dumping them on the side of rural roads.

    I have asked Village President Bill Sarto, who gets the $24 dollars , but I never got an answer.

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