City responds to the Courier on Illegal Immigration Issues



  Illegals series to start Friday

December 6, 2007,3_1_EL06_A1ILLEGALS_S1.article 


Good Morning
Sunday, December 16, 2007

Council fails to impress Elgin’s AFLA

After reading city council members’ responses to their call for stricter anti-illegal immigration measures, the co-directors of the local Association for Legal Americans are, in a word, disappointed.



ELGIN — More than 2,000 residents have shown support for some anti-illegal immigration ordinances that a local group is asking city officials to impose, according to the group’s founders.

Doug Heaton and David White, co-directors of the Association for Legal Americans, have drafted seven measures they want implemented and enforced. They have solicited support from residents through petitions.

The Courier News has asked Mayor Ed Schock and the city’s six councilmen to respond to the proposed ordinances and, starting Friday, will publish their comments, edited only for style.

The days of publication and the seven measures as drafted by Heaton and White are:

Friday: “The city of Elgin will not do business with anyone who hires illegal aliens.”

Saturday: “Social Security card verifications should be made everywhere it’s legal. Thousands of illegal aliens are here using stolen identities.”

Sunday: “English should be Elgin’s official language.”

Monday: “Elgin police must apply for a CAP (Criminal Alien Program) officer on a permanent basis to identify criminal aliens incarcerated who are subject to deportation.”

Tuesday: “City ordinance (is needed) to tow and fine for no vehicle liability insurance.”

Wednesday: “We need Elgin police to apply for immigration training through the 287(g) program. This training gives our police officers the power of federal immigration agents.”

Thursday, Dec. 13: “We need immigration screening of all persons booked in the Elgin city jail and (to) keep records of how many illegal aliens are arrested each month.”

Beginning Friday, visit The Courier News online at for the chance to voice your support or opposition to the measures discussed in this series.,3_1_EL07_A1ILLEGALS_S1.article

Illegal Immigration
Members of the Elgin City Council respond
Beginning Friday, Dec. 7, Elgin City Council members respond individually to seven proposals by the Association for Legal Americans to crack down on illegal immigration locally. The Courier News will post the responses of each councilman to one proposal daily through Dec. 13. Readers may sound off on whether or not they agree with the day’s issue via a poll that will run alongside the council responses.

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One response to “City responds to the Courier on Illegal Immigration Issues

  1. carpentersvilleplayhouse

    This should be Interesting, our neighbors to the south, over 2000 of them are asking where their officials of the City of Elgin stand on certain Issues when it comes to Illegal Immigration.

    Hopefully they don’t have the same type of nay sayers we have here in C’ville that will use the “Race card” or the “La Raza script” for dealing with communities that want to curb the affects of Illegal Immigration.

    “Toolkit for Responding to Local Anti-Immigrant Ordinances”

    “La Raza” doesn’t know English very well.

    It’s actually the Tool kit for responding to Local Anti-Illegal Immigrants Ordinances but what’s a wrong with excluding a key word like “Illegal” ?

    R. Grass

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