Sarto’s Veto overturned


Board rejects Sarto’s veto

December 5, 2007

CARPENTERSVILLE — The police department will continue to sell old handguns to federally licensed dealers, rather than destroy them, as suggested by some trustees.

The board revisited the gun issue Tuesday night after Village President Bill Sarto exercised his veto authority two weeks ago, overruling the original 4-3 vote that favored selling the guns to a dealer for $3,000.

“Frankly, I cannot put a price tag on anyone’s life,” Sarto wrote in his veto message — his first since his term began in 2005.

“When people break into a person’s home, generally they look for a few things: cash, obviously, jewelry, things that can easily be pawned off, and guns,” Sarto said before Tuesday night’s meeting. “Even if a law-abiding citizen would purchase these weapons, they could unwillingly end up in the hands of the wrong people.”

The board voted 5-1 Tuesday night, overriding Sarto’s veto. Sarto did not vote because he previously exercised his veto authority.

Trustee Keith Hinz originally voted against selling the guns, but changed his vote Tuesday night, with the thinking that the guns could be sold to benefit other police departments and municipalities.

Of the 30 guns the department wants to unstock, 24 are handguns.

The department historically has sold the guns to federally licensed firearm dealers who specialize in police equipment, according to a report from Police Chief David Neumann.

Trustee Kay Teeter, who comes from a family of hunters and has a brother who hunts with a pistol, voted to continue selling the guns to a licensed dealer.

“There’s never been any problem … there’s no real reason not to do what we’ve done in the past,” Teeter said before the meeting. “People don’t just do bad things with guns.”

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One response to “Sarto’s Veto overturned

  1. carpentersvilleplayhouse

    It really didn’t make any sense why we shouldn’t sell the Guns Legally it is a source of income. Considering we are talking about raising taxes on Gas about 2 cents. $3000.00 is a lot of cents for used Guns.


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