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Are Anonymous Blogs credible ?



Political Mudslinging Reaches New

Lows: Using Anonymous Blog

 Comments In Attack Ads

from the well,-that’s-just-too-easy dept

I almost hate to post this, because anything that touches on politics tends to dissolve into pointless name calling in the comments, but it is interesting (if sleazy) to find out that political campaign attack ads are now using anonymously posted blog comments to smear opponents. The ad in question has a voice-over announcing “what others are saying…” about the candidates opponent, and then shows some really negative comments that were placed anonymously on a blog post. Yes, this seems incredibly low. In fact, if campaigns are going to do that, they could simply post whatever kind of comment they wanted to any random prominent blog (as long as it has open comments) and then use that quote in their campaign ad. Yet, because it’s now on a blog somewhere, they can pretend it’s legitimately “sourced.” So this is what they meant when people predicted that blogs would revolutionize politics?

Is an Anonymous Blog good for our community? or does it create conflict and add to the divide amongst politicians and the residents it’s intending to serve?

What are your views?

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Ringmaster Sarto and his mudslinging clowns!


Welcome boys and girls to Carpentersville’s circus of politics, where throwing accusations and pointing fingers take center stage!

Starring B. S. Sarto as the Village President & Linda Remariz Sliwinski as the trustee

Co-starring Paul Calusinski as the hypocrite

Yes boys and girls the handwriting is on the wall, but we prefer to call it graffitti.

Below this introduction to our mudslinging actors and actress, is the continued shenanigans being acted out by Ringmaster B. S. Sarto and his circus of clowns. It’s bad enough that B. S. Sarto has to constantly interupt the citizens of this great country, during the “public comment” portion of the Village Council Meetings and interupts and attacks the overwhelming majority of the trustees as some how holding back the Village of Carpentersville from moving forward.

B. S. Sarto is also guilty of prolonging the Village Council Meetings with his ranting and ravings. We never ever heard someone who talks so much, yet says so little. Good ole Ringmaster B. S. Sarto can stretch a sentance into a long version of “WAR and PEACE” the novel. I’m sure the majority of us would rather hear someone scratching the blackboard with their fingernails, than to hear B. S. Sarto blathering and repeating over and over and over the “same old, same old” that could be said in 45 seconds.

Well anyway, back to the main act in the three ring circus!

The new found friends of Jacqueline M. Humpfer aka Jackie aka Wackie Jackie, the seperated wife of trustee Paul Humpfer are trustee Linda “they’re all racists and bigots” Sliwinski and Paul “hypocrite” Calusinski. These two clowns who never had a relationship with Jackie prior to her seperation with Paul Humpfer, are now her “best friends” who babysit the Humpfer’s children [the children despise these high priced babysitters] and give legal and other types of advise to Jackie to further embarress and personally attack trustees Paul Humpfer and Judy Sigwalt. Trustee Linda ” the caring friend” Sliwinski and Paul “C’ville cops tased me three times” Calusinski [We’ll get to that at a later column] who love to attend all the Court proceedings concerning Paul Humpfer which includes harassing him inside and especially outside of Court, now has given Jackie “legal advice” on how to further embarress and personally  attack their political rivals trustes Paul Humpfer and Judy Sigwalt.

Read and enjoy this column as it will shock you!!! So grab a soft drink and popcorn as this is the most entertaining circus act of all times!!!

No extra charge for butter

The following act has been rated R, those under the age of 17 must be accompanied by an adult or legal guardian over the age of 18

Be warned, you will find yourself saying “WOW!” over and over again, don’t go any further if you don’t like being shocked!

Now proceed at your own peril

The following takes place at the Carpentersville’s Police Station Oct. 23, 2007 4:35 pm

On October 23, 2007 Mrs. Humpfer came to the police department to see me [Of. Gillette]. She came in the company of Paul Calusinski of 528 Apache, Carpentersville, IL. 60110, and her two children. Once at the police station, they asked me to speak with me. I went to the lobby to answer their call and escorted them to the lobby interview room. I inquired into the purpose of their visit? PAUL CALUSINSKI stated that “Jackie wanted to make a report and file charges concerning the sex assault that happened involving Jackie and Marty Sigwalt”. I told them that I would need to talk to “Jackie” alone. Mr. Calusinski agreed and returned to the lobby with the Humpfer children.

I asked Mrs. Humpfer to tell me why she came to talk to me? She replied that, “Her court case with Paul [Humpfer] was going to trial next month and she wanted to make a complaint against Marty Sigwalt for sex assault because she does not know how she ended up naked on the patio, so she must have been date rape drugged by Marty.

I reminded her that she already told us and the GRAND JURY that she did not know how the sexual activities between her and Marty occurred. I asked her why now, did she think that she was drugged and “raped”? She said that she did not know, but that must be what happened because she would not do something like that on her own, that she just does not remember how it happened. She went on to say that she remembers hearing Judy Sigwalt say here she is Paul, and that she was asleep on the Sigwalt sofa, and the next thing she remembers is that she was naked on the patio.

I excused myself and retrieved department stationary and returned. I explained to Mrs. Humpfer that I would require her to write a statement telling me exactly what happened on May 15, 2007. [I believe that this night in question might be April 15, 2007, not May 15th.]

Mrs. Humpfer asked why she would need to write something and I explained that this is a very serious matter and allegation, and I intend to take the matter just as seriously. I explained that I need a lot of facts and I preferred them in her words not mine. Mrs. Humpfer said, “I don’t want to press charges against Marty, I just want ti known in a police report that I think I was drugged and I would not have done something like that on my own. I told her that I understood, however this is an allegation of a very serious felony act and once reported, she has little control or say as to the outcome if what she is saying is true, and either way, I am under an obligation if she is steadfast in her complaint to investigate the allegation. She again questioned why she should need to write anything, she does not want Marty in trouble. I told her that she had a HISTORY of making false claims or allegations and then saying that she did not make the claim or allegation. I told her that the system of justice could not be subject to that behavior and that she will have to put her allegations along with facts of her claim in writing to ensure thatthe record was correct, that she, not anyone else is making the claim that she was drugged and sexually assaulted in light of the time that has elapsed, the pending court circumstances, and lack of physical evidence that might have been collected had the claim been made in a timely fashion, and her previous statements made under oath to the GRAND JURY. I further explained that just as with her previous complaints, a written or taped statement is expected.

Mrs. Humpfer kept looking at the door while she spoke and was very certain that she did not want to get Marty in trouble. I asked her why she was making this allegation now? She implied “THEY” were persuading her to make the sex assault claim. She said that PAUL and LINDA convinced her to come here and make the report and now she did notknow what to do, but she really did not remember why she ended up naked on the patio. I did not ask her who Paul and Linda are. She said that she did not want Marty to get in trouble and she did not want to write a statement. She remembered going to Randall Roadhouse, but did not remember going to the Sigwalt home, that she remembers Judy saying she is here Paul, and then being naked on the patio. She again said that she did not want Marty to get in trouble, and only wanted a record of her inability to recall the event, that she did not want to make a report like this.

I informed her that she can do what she wants to do. If she feels she was sexually assaulted on that evening and wants to report that claim as she has we will investigate the allegation but she has to be party to the investigation, we can not do that alone. She said that she did not know what to do, and kept looking at the door. I told her that she had to make up her own mind, not let ANYONE do that for her. She made a remark indicating that she told THEM that and that she did not know what to do. I told her that I could leave her alone to consider what she wanted to do, and asked her if there was someone that she could talk to that could give her good sound neutral advice. I offered and gave her the crisis center information as well as offered the telephone to her. I offered to leave the room. She said that she wanted to talk to her psychiatrist before she continued, and before she put anything in writing, but again she did not know what to “tell THEM”!

I told her that WHOMEVER she was referring to she was under no obligation and did not have to tell “THEM” anything. She said can’t THEY get the report? I told her that at some point when I completed the investigation it would be available. I told her that I would not conceal anything from anyone. I asked her when she would be able to see her psychiatrist? She said that she would see her on Friday. I told her that she needed to tell me what she wanted me to do, that I could begin the investigation, or I can wait until I hear from her after she sought advice, but either way, she needed to write what she wanted from me. She said that she wanted to wait until she spoke to her pschiatrist and if she wanted anything done she would let me know after Friday.

I told her that I would document that she again stated that she does not recall the events leading up to the sexual activity on the evening that involved her and Marty Sigwalt that lead to her domestic problems of May 17, 2007 with her husband, that I would wait for her to follow-up after her visit with her pschiatrist before activating a criminal investigation concerning this matter, though I would talk to the state attorneys office to be certain that this action was acceptable. Mrs. Humpfer wrote a statement notifying the Carpentersville Police Department that she will let us know if she wants any further activity concerning this case. This statement is attached to this report.

I spoke to Assistant Kane County State Attorney Clint Hull concerning the above information. He advised that it is appropriate to wait until further notice from Mrs. Humpfer before taking further action.

C/1730hrs. MG#153

Well boys and girls as you can see, Paul Calusinski and Linda Remariz Sliwinski aka baysitters have tried to influence poor Jackie to play along with their political games and mudslinging.


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C’Ville post office replaces Cheap tattered flag

This shouldn’t have been even in the News

“We go through about a dozen flags a year and we always hand them over to the VFW,” Kaiser said. “This flag was only up there for about four weeks.”

There are many Flag Poles to maintain, most quality flags cost $35.00 or more depending on the size, usually 4 x 6 ft. they last 6 months or more, depending on their  exposure to the outdoor elements 24/7. This type of Flag the Meadowdale Shopping Center is buying is a very cheap,  just like the one at the Meadowdale Apartments office, it also has a tattered look probably the same manufacture, But has not been replaced.

Just one more thing, look at the lift it takes to change the Flag, this service probably costs more than several good quality Flags. If the Pole went all the way to the Ground it could be changed by a maintenance person in less than 1/2 hour twice a year at most.

 “Penny wise dollar foolish” ?

Pete Louckes of Des Plaines, an employee of Olympic Signs, hoists a new American flag Friday above the Carpentersville post office.

Christopher Hankins | Staff Photographer

C’Ville post office replaces tattered flag

By Larissa Chinwah | Daily Herald Staff

The tattered and torn American flag that has been flying above the Carpentersville post office was replaced with a new Stars and Stripes, hoisted Friday afternoon.

Just after 1:35 p.m. Friday, Pete Louckes from Olympic Signs in Des Plaines ran a new flag up the pole outside the post office at the northern end of Meadowdale Mall.

“They sent me out here on an emergency call,” Louckes said.

The flag will now be handed over to the Carpentersville VFW post for proper disposal, Postmaster Ralph Kaiser said.

“We go through about a dozen flags a year and we always hand them over to the VFW,” Kaiser said. “This flag was only up there for about four weeks.”

Kaiser said the weather had significantly shortened the life span of the flag, which he said usually lasts about three months.

“The weather and the ice storm we had didn’t help,” Kaiser said. “When you put something that is soaking wet out and you freeze it and put it where the wind is going to whip the heck out of it, that will deteriorate it real fast.”

For two weeks, Glenn Gibbs said he drove past the post office on Route 25 and wondered why the flag had not been replaced.

“I would rather see no flag flying than one that it is torn like that,” said Gibbs, who brought the flag to the attention of the Daily Herald.

“I could understand that there must be a reason that there isn’t a flag flying,” Gibbs said Thursday, “that they would rather fly no flag at all than fly one that is torn like that.”

Within hours of the story appearing in the Herald, the new flag fluttered smartly and Gibbs no longer has to wonder.

Patrons entering the post office Friday as Louckes replaced the flag rope and other hardware said they did not realize how worn out the flag was until they read Friday’s article.

“Who actually thinks to look up at the flag all of those times that they pass it?” said Dave Christie, a resident of Carpentersville. “It will definitely be nice to see a new one flying up there, though.”


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Problems with our website

December 14, 2007

We apologize for any convenience to those of you who posted comments or wanted to post columns and articles, here on the Carpentersville Playhouse. We experienced severe technical problems with our site and it took almost a week to solve them.

Please feel free to post your comments, make suggestions or submit to be a guest columnist on our Guest Columnist page.

The Administrator

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(ICE) agents here, in close partnership with local law enforcement agencies

December 11, 2007

ICE arrests 21 during operation

 targeting transnational gang


CHICAGO – U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents here, in close partnership with local law enforcement agencies, arrested 21 aliens from Mexico this week during a two-day operation that targeted violent street members in the northwest suburbs.

These are the latest arrests under an ICE program called “Operation Community Shield,” an ongoing nationwide initiative in which ICE agents partner with other federal, state and local law enforcement agencies to address the public safety threat posed by transnational gangs. These partnerships are essential to the success of the initiative, and they help ensure officer safety during operations.

The local ICE operation that ended Tuesday targeted foreign national gang members in the northwest suburbs. Most arrests were made in the community of Carpentersville, Ill., with additional arrests made in the following locations: Belvidere, Bensenville, Cary, Lake Zurich and West Dundee. Of the 21 Mexican nationals arrested, all but one are male. Nineteen were illegally residing in the United States, and two are U.S. permanent residents whose criminal convictions render them eligible for deportation.

The operation began Sunday night and concluded Tuesday morning. It was conducted with the assistance of the Carpentersville police and targeted foreign nationals with affiliations with violent street gangs. Sixteen of the 21 aliens arrested are documented members of the Maniac Latin Disciples and Sureño-13 street gangs; ICE agents also arrested an additional five illegal aliens with no gang affiliation who they encountered during the two-day operation.

Nationally, ICE has arrested more than 7,500 street gang members representing more than 700 different gangs since Operation Community Shield began in 2005.

“Street gangs pose a growing public safety threat to communities throughout this area,” said Elissa A. Brown, special agent in charge for the ICE Office of Investigations in Chicago. “We will use all our law enforcement tools and resources to thwart criminal efforts of gang members. Operation Community Shield shows how ICE works with our law enforcement partners to dismantle these criminal organizations and protect our communities.”

Carpentersville Police Chief David Neumann added: “I am sure that those in the community who have been victimized by gang violence, property destruction and intimidation will appreciate ICE’s efforts in targeting gang members.”

Some of the crimes associated with the gang members arrested during this local operation include: drug possession, burglary, aggravated battery, arson, criminal trespass and obstruction of justice. One individual had an active warrant for his arrest and was turned over to local authorities to face criminal charges. After these charges are resolved, he will be turned back over to ICE for deportation.

— ICE —

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) was established in March 2003 as the largest investigative arm of the Department of Homeland Security. ICE is comprised of five integrated divisions that form a 21st century law enforcement agency with broad responsibilities for a number of key homeland security priorities.


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Arc garbage service or lack of.

We’ll devote this column on the pros and cons of the service we are receiving with Arc, compared with Waste Management.

Apparently, many Carpentersville residents are not happy with the new garbage service we are receiving. This includes $2.40 sticker fees for items over and above the 1 bin for waste and 1 bin for recycle items.

Just my thoughts,


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Comments on main page

We are now allowing comments from the general public to be posted on our Home Page, with out going through our e-mail account

For all newbies, when you press comment or no comment button, it will direct you to the username and password section. Press the username only and follow the directions.

Even though we prefer everyone to use their real name for comments, we will allow any anonymous name [except the name of anonymous].

Those of you using your real name will be given more latitude of free speech, but those who want to remain anonymous, will be edited for slander and malicious content.

Anyone who wants to make comments on the “The Guest Columnist Page” will still have to submit their comments to




City responds to the Courier on Illegal Immigration Issues



  Illegals series to start Friday

December 6, 2007,3_1_EL06_A1ILLEGALS_S1.article 


Good Morning
Sunday, December 16, 2007

Council fails to impress Elgin’s AFLA

After reading city council members’ responses to their call for stricter anti-illegal immigration measures, the co-directors of the local Association for Legal Americans are, in a word, disappointed.



ELGIN — More than 2,000 residents have shown support for some anti-illegal immigration ordinances that a local group is asking city officials to impose, according to the group’s founders.

Doug Heaton and David White, co-directors of the Association for Legal Americans, have drafted seven measures they want implemented and enforced. They have solicited support from residents through petitions.

The Courier News has asked Mayor Ed Schock and the city’s six councilmen to respond to the proposed ordinances and, starting Friday, will publish their comments, edited only for style.

The days of publication and the seven measures as drafted by Heaton and White are:

Friday: “The city of Elgin will not do business with anyone who hires illegal aliens.”

Saturday: “Social Security card verifications should be made everywhere it’s legal. Thousands of illegal aliens are here using stolen identities.”

Sunday: “English should be Elgin’s official language.”

Monday: “Elgin police must apply for a CAP (Criminal Alien Program) officer on a permanent basis to identify criminal aliens incarcerated who are subject to deportation.”

Tuesday: “City ordinance (is needed) to tow and fine for no vehicle liability insurance.”

Wednesday: “We need Elgin police to apply for immigration training through the 287(g) program. This training gives our police officers the power of federal immigration agents.”

Thursday, Dec. 13: “We need immigration screening of all persons booked in the Elgin city jail and (to) keep records of how many illegal aliens are arrested each month.”

Beginning Friday, visit The Courier News online at for the chance to voice your support or opposition to the measures discussed in this series.,3_1_EL07_A1ILLEGALS_S1.article

Illegal Immigration
Members of the Elgin City Council respond
Beginning Friday, Dec. 7, Elgin City Council members respond individually to seven proposals by the Association for Legal Americans to crack down on illegal immigration locally. The Courier News will post the responses of each councilman to one proposal daily through Dec. 13. Readers may sound off on whether or not they agree with the day’s issue via a poll that will run alongside the council responses.

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Sarto’s Veto overturned


Board rejects Sarto’s veto

December 5, 2007

CARPENTERSVILLE — The police department will continue to sell old handguns to federally licensed dealers, rather than destroy them, as suggested by some trustees.

The board revisited the gun issue Tuesday night after Village President Bill Sarto exercised his veto authority two weeks ago, overruling the original 4-3 vote that favored selling the guns to a dealer for $3,000.

“Frankly, I cannot put a price tag on anyone’s life,” Sarto wrote in his veto message — his first since his term began in 2005.

“When people break into a person’s home, generally they look for a few things: cash, obviously, jewelry, things that can easily be pawned off, and guns,” Sarto said before Tuesday night’s meeting. “Even if a law-abiding citizen would purchase these weapons, they could unwillingly end up in the hands of the wrong people.”

The board voted 5-1 Tuesday night, overriding Sarto’s veto. Sarto did not vote because he previously exercised his veto authority.

Trustee Keith Hinz originally voted against selling the guns, but changed his vote Tuesday night, with the thinking that the guns could be sold to benefit other police departments and municipalities.

Of the 30 guns the department wants to unstock, 24 are handguns.

The department historically has sold the guns to federally licensed firearm dealers who specialize in police equipment, according to a report from Police Chief David Neumann.

Trustee Kay Teeter, who comes from a family of hunters and has a brother who hunts with a pistol, voted to continue selling the guns to a licensed dealer.

“There’s never been any problem … there’s no real reason not to do what we’ve done in the past,” Teeter said before the meeting. “People don’t just do bad things with guns.”

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