Public interest is growing in Elgin, on Illegal Immigration Issues

Elgin readies its answers to

 AFLA on immigration,3_1_EL30_A1IMMIGRATION_S1.article

November 30, 2007

ELGIN — As two local men continue to seek support from residents in their campaign for the implementation and enforcement of anti-illegal immigration ordinances, city officials prepare to give their positions on those measures.

Beginning next week, The Courier News will publish seven stories on seven consecutive days that address the ordinances which the Association For Legal Americans, founded recently by Doug Heaton and David White, is asking city government to draft and enforce.

These stories will include responses from Mayor Ed Schock and the city’s six council members, edited only for style.

The Courier News asked city officials on Nov. 16 to consider the seven measures and draft their responses.

The days of publication and the seven measures as drafted by Heaton and White are:
Friday, Dec. 7: “The City of Elgin will not do business with anyone who hires illegal aliens.”
Saturday, Dec. 8: “Social Security card verifications should be made everywhere it’s legal. Thousands of illegal aliens are here using stolen identities.”
Sunday, Dec. 9: “English should be Elgin’s official language.”
Monday, Dec. 10: “Elgin police must apply for a CAP (Criminal Alien Program) officer on a permanent basis to identify criminal aliens incarcerated who are subject to deportation.”
Tuesday, Dec. 11: “City ordinance (is needed) to tow and fine for no vehicle liability insurance.”
Wednesday, Dec 12.: “We need Elgin police to apply for immigration training through the 287(g) program. This training gives our police officers the power of federal immigration agents.”
Thursday, Dec. 13: “We need immigration screening of all persons booked in the Elgin city jail and (to) keep records of how many illegal aliens are arrested each month.”

White said more residents have shown interest in AFLA since the story about the group’s formation ran Sunday in The Courier News.

That day, “we had 156 e-mails, all positive. Right now, we’ve broken 2,000” signatures received, he said of the fliers he and Heaton have circulated.

As of Wednesday, the group had raised $800 in donations from residents, White said.

Other responses to the group’s campaign also have been quick in coming. At the most recent meeting of the Elgin City Council on Wednesday night, Elgin Latino Political Action Team chairman George Irizarry denounced AFLA’s seven proposed measures, calling several of them “offensive.” He said they portray “an unfriendly and unwelcome tone” that runs contrary to efforts of encouraging diversity throughout the community.

“These proposed ordinances create and foster contempt for immigrants and the general population who enjoy Elgin’s diversity,” he said. “If you recall, our neighbor to the north (Carpentersville) proposed similar ordinances, which sparked protest and disharmony among its residents who are now feeling the negative repercussions of such controversy.”

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