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Hello Carpentersville,

My column will usually report on the news that is not reported in the newspapers that you read. I will dig for information that will show the hypocracy of those into name calling and pointing their fingers at others for political gain.

It’s unfortunate that Carpentersville has had a long series of Village Presidents who are more worried about the next election, to elect their supposed allies, than the common good of it’s citizens. Or, they’re worried about their own necks in the upcoming election. Yes, ladies and gentlemen I’m talking about Bill Sarto.

Village President Bill Sarto and his sole ally trustee Linda Remariz Sliwinski are using Carpentersville for their leftwing ideologically partisan thinking to pander to the Hispanic population for support. These two characters have stooped to levels of mudslinging, that have never been seen in Carpentersville before. They apparently won’t be happy until the entire eastside of Carpentersville becomes a Hispanic Ghetto. So much for diversity, heh?

Both Mr. Sarto and Mrs. Sliwinski both point fingers and make accusations of bigotry and racism to anyone who stands against their continued attempts to make Carpentersville a SANCTUARY for illegal aliens who invade our country and DEMAND rights and privileges given to Americans. They even stoop as low as to personally attack and discredit their fellow trustees and yet they complain that the other trustees won’t work with them.

It’s so tragic and almost comical that I and others voted for Linda Rameriz Sliwinski. We never thought for one minute that she would concentrate more on organizations that exist outside of Carpentersville, then the betterment of the citizens of Carpentersville. She travels to California, for what? She went there to see how to communicate effectively with the Hispanic community…..hmmm. Didn’t she know how to already? This self-serving woman also loves to attend all these pro-illegal rallies throughout the Chicago area, where she loves to give speeches. These speeches are filled with hate and denounces all those who oppose the flooding of our communites with illegal aliens as BIGOTS and RACISTS!

Mrs. Sliwinski is more concerned about these pro-illegal organizations, than the well-being of the citizens of Carpentersville. Perhaps, her going to Mexico recently was in the best interest for what?

Trustee Linda Remariz Sliwinski, where are your loyalties? Are they with the illegal aliens who stretch our resources, burden our taxpayers, depress the wages of Americans, raise our crime rate and help make our schools fail academically. You need to wake up lady or maybe you want Carpentersville to become a Hispanic Ghetto? Why not Linda, you know all whites, except those with the same failed ideology b.s. are just BIGOTS and RACISTS!

My next column will get down and dirty about the foul tactics, being used by these two characters against their perceived enemies.

Just my thoughts,


The views expressed in articles published in” Aunt Brenda’s Gossip Corner ” Column are those of the author alone. They do not represent the views or opinions of Carpentersville’s Playhouse Web Blog.

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