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Carpentersville officials search for Tree vandals


Carpentersville officials search for tree vandals


By Larissa Chinwah | Daily Herald Staff

Published: 11/21/2007 12:19 AM

The latest spate of damage to village property has Carpentersville leaders asking why they bother doing positive things for the community.

Village Trustee Judy Sigwalt on Tuesday said in the past month, vandals have uprooted five newly planted crabapple trees in Carpenter Park, dumping the uprooted trees in nearby portable toilets.

Public works staff said they planned to file a police report following the most recent incident over the weekend.

“Over the years the board and staff have heard, ‘when are you going to fix our streets, beautify the town, improve our image?'” Sigwalt said. “The village works hard to improve the quality of life for residents. But we have evil, mean-spirited lowlifes just lying in wait to destroy it.”

Public Works Director Bob Cole said vandals removed five of the 30 trees the village planted during summer along the service road that runs through the park.

“We wanted to beautify the service road to make it look more like a path,” Cole said before the meeting.

The trees, which were donated by Platt Hill Nursery in Carpentersville, have since been replanted.

Each tree costs about $150, Cole said.

“The root ball was not put into the chemical pool of the Port-A-Potties,” Cole said. “Trees were put in the room that the Port-A-Potty is in.”

Village President Bill Sarto called the incidences aggravating and frustrating.

“You would think people would have pride in their community,” Sarto said prior to the meeting. “It is a shame that people cannot appreciate good things when they happen for the community.”

Police spokesman Cmdr. Michael Kilbourne said the police department has increased patrols in the area of the park, though there are no leads to an offender.

Vandals have hit the village particularly hard this summer, Cole said.

The tree displacement follows the demolition of the railings on the two footbridges over the creek that runs through the park.

On nine separate occasions, Cole said the railings have been kicked off, costing the village thousands of dollars to repair.

Cole estimated each replacement of the railings cost the village about $600 in manpower for three employees, plus another $200 in material costs, adding up to about $2,000 per incident.

In addition, Cole said vandals cut the wire to the village’s lighted holiday tree at Carpenter Boulevard and Spring Street last year, just days before Christmas.

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